Preemptive Love book giveaway ~ a winner!

I've just randomly chosen the winner of the Preemptive Love book giveaway ~ congrats Lauren Nitschke!  Here's Lauren's response to the question:

What does the phrase "Love first.  Ask questions later" mean to you? 

It's a daunting challenge. And not one I'll master - ever - especially from my own strength. Perceptions are deeply ingrained, even though we try to overlook them and love first. Our pastor's sermon today touched on the woman at the well. I heard something new today, although I've heard, read and discussed this story many times. The fresh news for me was that Jesus was a master of "Love First" but He never HAD to ask questions. He knew the entire back story already. And He Loved First anyway. So why not? Our human brains will never know the whole story, so why make judgements? Why not just skip on to "Love First"? Easier said that done, but I accept the challenge today, Christine. Thank you for this very powerful, thoughtful post.

I love that.  Jesus knew the entire backstory and He STILL loved first.  Yet we are hestitant to love first when we know nothing about a person.  So challenging.

Lauren, I'll be sending you the book very soon.  I hope you'll share your thoughts after you read it and pass it along to someone else when you're done to keep the story going!

Thanks everyone for entering and sharing your thoughts!  Remember you can still get the book for free with any donation on the Preemptive Love website.