Current favorites: almond flour + coconut milk ice cream

I'm sold on almond flour.  It doesn't kill my stomach like grains tend to do, it tastes wonderful, and it's easy to cook/bake with.  Here are three great recipes I've made lately with almond flour...

Almond Meal Biscuits from Roost This has become a staple for us - it substitutes the need for dinner rolls or other bread with dinner, and goes great with soup.  Luci Belle thinks they're cookies and calls them, "coo-coos."  If she thinks these are cookies...GREAT!  Roost's recipe adds rosemary to the biscuits for a savory flavor, but we sometimes omit the reosemary, or add blueberries like in the photo.  When they're warm from the oven, add honey and butter = YUM.

Almond Flour Brownies from Grain-Free Foodies.  These are ridiculously good.  The first time we made them, Steven and I ate two pans of them in two nights.  GULP.  Yes, we did.  A little overboard.  They're not dense, but more light and cakey.  Love them topped with coconut milk ice cream (see recipe below).

Almond Flour Pancakes.  I used the recipe in the Paleo Recipe Book (a downloadable e-book) but I don't want to get in trouble for publishing the recipe here (I'm SUCH a rule-follower).  If you Google "Paleo Almond Flour Pancakes" there are tons of results that come up, though.

Where to buy almond flour?  You can buy it online from Honeyville (not organic) or Benefit Your Life (organic).  Almond flour means the skin has been removed ("blanched") which as I understand, makes it more easily digestible.  Or, you could simply buy raw almonds and grind them in a Vitamix or food processor until it resembles a mealy consistency.  This is almond meal.  You won't get the exact result as the blanched almond flour, but it's worked for me in a pinch.

~ ~ ~

Easy Coconut Milk Ice Cream

1 (13.5 ounce) can coconut milk (love this brand, and they don't use BPA in their cans)
1/2 cup maple syrup
2 egg yolks
1 tsp vanilla extract
Pinch of sea salt
Sprinkle of cinnamon

Optional: add nuts, cacao nibs, chocolate chips, or any other mix-ins such as bananas or blueberries.  Blend in a blender or Vitamix and then process according to the instructions of your ice cream maker.  This makes a lot!  It can easily serve 4 people.

If you don't have an ice cream maker, try this Banana Coconut Ice Cream recipe that you can make in a strong blender or food processor.