Healthy homemade fruit snacks.

Parents - do you feel like you're always feeding your kids the same thing?  Are you looking for new ideas that are healthy and unprocessed?  ME TOO!

I've tried a few times to make homemade fruit snacks for my girls.  My goal was to use a good quality gelatin and recipe without sugar in order to provide a different snack idea and get some extra nutrition into my little ones.  Finally, I've finally found a recipe that super quick and easy with a good texture that's kid-approved (even by my picky eater 4-year-old!)

I used this recipe from Modern Parents Messy Kids.  Here's how I personalized the recipe:

  • For my first batch, I used fresh-squeezed orange/carrot juice from Central Market.  If I'd had my own juicer, I would have juiced my own.
  • I used this gelatin but you could just use regular gelatin packets as well.
  • I added a bit of organic orange extract to mine, but as the recipe says you could also add vanilla extract. Next time I might try doTerra Wild Orange, lime or lemon essential oil.  I'll also probably add some powdered probiotics.
  • I used these adorable heart-shaped molds.  But for any extra that doesn't fit in the molds, you can just pour it into an oiled brownie pan and then cut into little squares once it sets. 

Overall, the recipe was super easy and I'm glad to have a different snack idea for my girls. 

Have you ever made your own fruit snacks?  If so, please leave and comment and share your recipe and flavoring ideas!

UPDATE:  These are definitely meant to be refrigerated and then eaten at home, not on the go - unless you keep them pretty cool.  We had them in the car for about 30 minutes and they turned to goo.   Eww.