Living and Loving Dangerously

"We are suspended here, with love being the only power to hold up our hearts. This leaves us with a few options in the meantime, really -
it is either have memory, have vision,
and be about the business of living and loving, or else be done with it."

(Jan Meyers, The Allure of Hope)

I wish I could say I remembered this quote on a daily basis. To "be about the business of living and loving" - all the time - I wonder how different my life would be. Instead, I feel like sometimes I'm more about the business of "worrying and fretting" or "longing and pining" - both of which are no more than sorry seconds. It makes sense though - here we are in this life, and what options do we really have, if we want to live abundantly? Here's another quote I love...

"Strangely, it is dangerous faith
in our untamed Savior
that leads us to the joy we crave."

It was part of the dedication at the front of the book Your God Is Too Safe by Mark Buchanan. Wow. I guess I am learning that the joy I truly want only comes from following Christ dangerously...letting Him take me to places that might seem scary and unsafe but places that really are good if only our human eyes could see what God sees. I guess I'd rather live dangerously and adventurously if it means seeing God the way I am seeing Him now.