Chubby bunny.

Well, folks, a few days ago I had the surgery we all dread as kids but which is reportedly even worse to have as an adult: yes, I had my wisdom teeth removed. And what a humbling experience it’s been. More than anything, I’m humbled by my husband’s servitude as he completely put himself aside for 3 straight days: cleaning the kitchen and making me an endless supply of smoothies and ice cream sundaes, keeping track of my medication schedule, setting me up on the couch with 4 pillows and every girly movie known to man, and even holding the drool bowl under my chin multiple times while I washed out my mouth with the syringe. Now, that’s love.

But what's really love is that he can still say I’m beautiful when I look like a chipmunk with my cheeks swollen out to kingdom come :). Of course I never wanted to reveal these photos, but in keeping with the spirit of being the “real” Christine on this blog, I’m officially unveiling the worst pics ever taken of me for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy :).

Coming out of the sedation fog and Steven already has me laughing...

Pitiful much?

Nice try, still have to make me some soup.

Suz and I kinda think my cheeks look like the “swiss water” lady in the movie Return To Me in this pic - hee hee!

And the crowning glory of them all...I don't know what's worse about this pic: the fact that I look like a character out of The Chronicles of Narnia (Mrs. Tumnus, perhaps?) or the unidentifiable substance I'm about to put in my mouth!