Things I'm thankful for this morning...

~ This lovely view out my apartment front door.

~ It's a refreshing 63 degrees outside. I feel like it's cooled me all the way down to my soul.

~ New Synergy Kombucha flavors I discovered on sale at Whole Foods yesterday! Mango, Guava, Strawberry, and Passionberry!

~ The sweet 'lil FedEx man who visits me each morning with new Mocha Club forms.

~My husband just sent me an email saying, "I like you just the way you are."

~ Two amazing sisters-in-law (one big sis, my brother's wife, and one little sis, my husband's sister) who each show me Christ in special ways.

~ Wednesday is always "date night" no matter what.

~ Clean water.

~ The Worship Room CD.

~ Eggs with turkey & chives.

~ Freshly-breweed Ugly Mug Ethiopian coffee.

~ Elisabeth Elliott's book, Secure In The Everlasting Arms is full of wisdom. I love this excerpt: "He makes us wait. He keeps us on purpose in the dark. He makes us walk when we want to run, sit still when we want to walk, for He has things to do in our souls that we are not interested in. There have been times, on the other hand, when He wanted me to run but I only walked. Let us remember, however, that the Shepherd Himself sometimes makes us lie down. Some of the 'delays' are His own choice for us, so we must not always chide ourselves when the pace is not what we thought it should be. We must learn to move according to the timetable of the Timeless One, and be at peace."

~ A body that works.

~ Discovering these phenomenal photos by a long-lost friend from Nashville, Melanie McGaughey: The Velvet Trunk.

~ That God redeems my little life.

~ The chance to be and experience the face of Christ at our orphanages in Kenya & Uganda at the end of October.