There's nothing like Autumn in the Northeast (final chapter!).

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The rest of our trip was spent in lovely Jersey. My parents took us to Lake Hopatcong and Lake Mohawk which is just a short drive from our house in Madison. It was gorgeous. Many people would be surprised to know a place like this exists in Jersey!

Lake Mohawk looked like it could have been a hamlet in Germany or Switzerland (except for the speedboat - ha!)...

We also got to spend time with my most favoritest cousins in the whole world: Paula and Steve, and their kids Brian, Colleen, and David. Paula is my first cousin. This is me with Colleen and Paula. We are definitely cut from the same cloth!

Me and my Godson, David:

Our mutant family. See where I get it??

This is one of my parents' 3 cats, Sarah, a.k.a. The Fattest Cat You've Ever Seen. She could feed a family of four with plenty for leftovers.

She likes to perch against the arm of the couch and "direct traffic," as my dad says.

Next, we went to the gorgeous Princeton University campus to visit an old dear friend, David "Keas" Keasler. What a wonderful, refreshing time we had - strolling amongst historic buildings, admiring beautiful tall trees, and talking about life and faith. Perfect.

And finally, an autumn walk around my parents' house and the town of Madison, NJ. The backyard of my childhood...

The variety of leaves we found on our walk!

H A P P Y A U T U M N, F R I E N D S !