The future is a blank without a view...

"The future is a blank without a view.
That which I wanted most, You have denied;
I cannot understand (and I have tried);
There's nothing I can do but wait on You.

Earth offered much, and I had, lingering long
Outside her lighted windows, wistful grown -
Till at my side I heard a voice – Your own.
Lord, how could I resist a love so strong?

Take all away. I am content to know
Such love is mine-for life is all too brief
To grieve for pleasures bringing only grief;
Give me but You; it is enough just so.

Enough – and more! Such love in You keeps growing-
In You I find my deepest joy complete,
All longing satisfied, and pain made sweet;
In You my cup is filled to overflowing."

~ from Sitting By My Laughing Fire by Ruth Bell Graham, which I read over and over last night until I fell asleep. Order your own free copy here...