Fall brings life.

I think fall can be life-giving. Not only are there different varieties of flowers and vegetables that thrive in the cooler weather....but I've seen evidence in so many people lately that a sort of awakening occurs as fall approaches. A deep breath in, and we start over again. The summer is behind us, along with 100 degree days. We can enjoy the outdoors again. We can lay in our new hammock for longer than 3 minutes. We can build fires.

This weekend, my husband suggested stopping by a nursery "to get those mums you've been wanting." I love him. What man remembers I wanted mums and then takes the initiative to go get them? He even helped me pick out the best. My extremist self fell in love with the huge $18 ones, but he helped me remember that the smaller $4 ones would still be beautiful, and then I could get two. Go team Bails.

So I thought I'd share some fallish things that have put a smile on my face lately. What are some of yours?

1) We actually grew some healthy tomatoes!

2) Miss Azalea was being charred in the sun but after watching Gardening By the Yard, we moved her to a shadier spot under the eaves of the house and she started sprouting new leaves...

...and then purty pink flowers!

3) My yellow rose of Texas has been making me swoon lately...

4) The aforementioned mums just make the house feel a little more fallish, even though it's still high 80s during the day!