So many things to love about California...(part 2)

Favorite #2: Malibu. If you were a girl growing up in the 80s, you probably loved your Malibu Barbie. I dressed her in various bikinis and thought it was the coolest thing ever that she was the only Barbie with a tan line. So I've always wanted to go to Malibu...and in my mind, I probably idealized it as the place you live in your dreams, high up on a cliff overlooking the blue, blue Pacific with a lovely backyard with cabanas and those vintage-y patio umbrellas from Anthropologie and all you do is lay by the pool all day wearing Audrey Hepburn sunglasses. Wellll....that isn't the Malibu I experienced (surprise) but it was still sunny and beautiful. Oh...and a bit rocky.

Jen, baby Ava, and I drove with the windows down all along the coast and arrived at our destination, Paradise Cove, about 30 minutes later. I was told beforehand that I would love this restaurant because it's on the beach, and you eat with your toes in the sand! Let's just say it didn't take me long to get in the car with my seatbelt buckled.

As soon as we sat down, I removed my flip-flops so my toes could burrow into the sand and positioned myself to feel the sun on my shoulders. Ahhhhhhh.

I have to say, the food wasn't the main attraction at this place, but who could match my world-class Cobb salad from yesterday? Besides, the view made it worthwhile. I hung out with Ava so her mom could eat her lunch...

Then we took some lovely photos on the beach, which was only steps away!