A little tour of my garden.

View from the hammock

Here are some lovely things I discovered early yesterday morning in my own back yard, with a steaming cup of French press coffee in hand...

A sunflower! We wondered what this 4 ft. tall plant was going to be and it started blooming. Looks like the sunflower seed in that bird feeder decided to nestle in the soil and grow.

A red poppy bud

Papery-thin and lovely

Some micro-greens in our salad planter. Steven cut some of these for dinner and made a simple mix of cilantro, olive oil, salt, and pepper, and...what a burst of flavor! Pure, simple ingredients from our own back yard - you can't beat that.

Baby basil

More basil (an Italian girl can never have enough!) in my pail from the Nashville flea market

Random mushroom that looks like a daisy

Blackberries! They are Barbie-sized right now, and they grow out of the middle of a delicate white flower.