Lovers, keep on the road you're on
Runners, until the race is run
Soldiers, you've got to soldier on

The new Coldplay CD makes me want to...

...walk through New York City in the snow in a big, fluffy classy coat with a cappuccino in hand.

...take a train through Europe, getting off on a whim to roam small villages and exciting cities.

...ride my bike through a town in Tuscany and eat bread and drink wine in a piazza for hours and hours under an umbrella in the sun.

...go to the Christmas Market in Munich in tall boots and a pretty scarf on an early, gray, December day.

...lay on the grass and listen to the London Symphony Orchestra in the rain.

...stroll through the streets of Prague, taking photos of colorful buildings and people. with the windows down always.

...sit on a dock on a lake with my husband at dusk with a towel wrapped around us and setting sun on our faces.

...drink up, savor, and enjoy every single day of my life.