A few random girl things.

Just had to share a few random things that you might like. The first is my new favoritest item of clothing in the whole entire world. This black wrap.

Oh, I love it.

It's perfect.

It's comfy.

It has bell sleeves.

(hard to see in this pic, but you get the idea)

I got it in Nashville at Francesca's as a belated birthday gift from Amy! I've worn it about a hundred times since then, and it goes with everything, I tell you. It's shorter in the back, and when you untie the front, it goes down really long, past my knees. It makes me feel feminine. Oh, I love it. I also got this dress, perfect for a beach day in California. And perhaps I'll get this dress too, if it goes ridiculously on sale.

Next, I wanted to show you my office/creativity studio now that it's all organized and painted a lovely shade of Rain Washed. I'm still debating changing the curtains to a more coral-y color with a fun bohemian pattern. But for now, you can see how calming and serene it is. At this current moment, the walls are bathed with late afternoon sun. I guess it's the next best thing to working outside!

Here's a perfect place to display my preserved autumn leaves from New Jersey until I get some India and Africa photos printed...

And here's a creation that I adapted from a picture frame from IKEA. It was originally black, but I spraypainted it white. Then I removed the glass and painted the cardboard backing with chalkboard paint and...voila! A whimsical chalkboard for writing notes, reminders, and inspirational quotes.

I love being a girl.