Flowers, flowers everywhere!

Something I've always wanted: fresh flowers in vases all around the house, from the first day of springtime, to the last day of summer. And that is what I'm aiming for this year. With the way my roses are blooming, it should be pretty attainable!

On Friday night, our dear friend Kyle came over, toting her parents from Nashville, her sister who is a baker, a gorgeous bouquet of ranunculus and other wildflowers {for me!} and this incredible mascarpone tart with balsamic glaze {swoon}. We grilled chicken and brats on the barbie and roasted carrots, onions, and new potatoes. Michael Bublé serenaded us in the background as we drank Cabernet, talked about exotic places we'd traveled, and enjoyed the delicious food we had each contributed. And I even got to wear my favorite skirt. Perfect.

So I've been admiring these fresh wildflowers about a hundred times a day since Friday...they seem to stop me in my tracks every time I pass by. There's something striking about the bright colors of grape and tangerine against my chocolate brown walls...

The bouquet was so large that I gave some of them a home in the kitchen...

{another gift from Kyle in the background...a bottle of wine she brought back from Greece - there's not a single word of English on the bottle!}

But that's not all...I also have gathered every vase, glass jar, or bottle I can find and stuffed them with fresh roses from our garden - on the kitchen window sill, in the guest room, in the bathroom, on the dining table. Some stems have 6 buds about to burst open!

Mmmm, fresh flowers. Such a simple gift in life.