Meet Heidi!

I'd like to introduce you to our ridiculously cute 3-month-old Doberman puppy, Heidi! Our Dobie Greta now has a little sister. We've been wanting a "Heidi" for awhile now...and actually Steven wanted a second dog so badly that he said he would - and I quote - "give up his birthday and Christmas gifts and any other gifts for the next 3 years if only we could get another dog." How could I possibly resist?

We'd checked the Doberman Rescue {which is where we found Greta 2 1/2 years ago} but none of the dogs there felt like "ours". If any of you are pet-owners, you know that feeling when you just know. And all the Doberman breeders in the area charged a minimum of $600, which was way out of our budget. So we resolved to wait and let the right dog find us...

Then, completely unexpectedly, Steven and our friend Paul were driving home from the Full Quiver Dairy Farm in Kemp, TX on Saturday, where we go every weekend to pick up fresh dairy for the co-op. They passed the Aggie Feed Store up on the hill as always, but for some reason, this time they decide to stop and get some small starter okra plans for the garden. They drove up the gravel driveway to this truly country establishment that was selling ducks, chickens...and an entire pen of Doberman puppies! Steven went up to the pen where the puppies were and called out "Hellooooo..." and over came our Heidi, who put up her paw to his hand on the other side of the fence. She was the only red female in the entire littler. He said he knew right then - she was for us!

Meanwhile, I was back at home on a seemingly ordinary Saturday, drinking some Enfusia, when Steven called and said he was on his way home to drop off "something" he got at the Aggie Feed Store. I went outside to meet him in the driveway, casually sipping my mug of hot tea, figuring he had some plants or bags of manure or something. They pulled in the driveway, and Paul pulled a saucer-eyed puppy out of the car! My eyes uncontrollably welled up with tears - I was so surprised! She was exactly what I had pictured.

Steven and Paul proceeded to drop Heidi off with me so they could get back to The Movement Studio to deliver everyone's milk orders. I was left with the task of giving her a bath, since she was absolutely infused with the smell of poo. Oooh boy, what a task. This photo is post-bath, and pretty much explains how difficult it was to bathe a scared-to-death puppy with no collar and nothing to grab onto except her slippery little legs. Note the nice smear of mud on my upper arm.

Here is Heidi - all clean...and a little shell-shocked!

Don't you just want to squeeze her? After her bath, I wrapped her in a towel and held her in my lap for a few minutes. She was shaking so much but slowly calmed down and layed her head on my arm for awhile. So sweet.

We introduced Greta to her little sister, and she was SO not amused. On Saturday, she seemed excited at first and played with her in the dog run in the driveway. On Sunday, the reality kicked in that she was no longer the queen bee around here, and she practially spoke aloud, rolling her big brown eyes, "I am SO over this. I mean, really?" Heidi isn't phased at all. She clomps around clumsily like a fawn or a Claymation puppy from Wallace and Gromit, romping back and forth in between Greta's legs. Greta just stands there rigidly, her eyes rolled to one side, completely mortified.

Soon enough though, they'll be licking each other's ears, playing in the sun all day, and completely inseparable. I just know it. Greta and Heidi will be the best of friends.

Our Greta, 3-years-old