Farm-fresh breakfast.

this morning:
2 fresh eggs fried in coconut oil ~ the yolks are bright orange and lovely
1/2 organic avocado with sea salt & black pepper
organic cantaloupe slices
black Russian bread slathered in butter and local honey from Anderson Apiary in Kemp, TX
steaming hot Enfusia with coconut milk and vanilla creme stevia

I realized this morning that this was an entire farm-fresh breakfast - all of it coming from The Movement Dallas organic co-op, and much of it locally grown or made. The bread was made by Debbie at Full Quiver Farms, and the eggs were gathered just a few days ago from her free-roaming chickens.

Thank goodness the days of Egg Beaters and Kraft singles for breakfast are loooong gone. If only my 2003 self knew what I know now!