The day after...

Ten inches in all!  We can hardly believe it.  The streets, yards, homes are a wonderland.  We can hear a gentle drip-drip outside the window as the snow begins to slowly melt.  But I'm glad we still have this beauty surrounding us.

In the middle of the night, Steven and I both jumped when we were awakened by a crash that almost sounded like our bed fell to the floor.  Yet, we were both still lying there, intact.  I looked out the bedroom window and found the reason for the alarming sound - practially 1/4 of our neighbor's tree had completely snapped off and fallen into our yard and toppled our patio table right outside our window.  Bye, bye, patio umbrella.  I guess Dallas trees aren't used to this much snow either...

view from the front door

heidi says, "mom, can we go play now? can we? can we?"


over the fence

It's good to see the world covered in white - even just for a day - when things are pure and quiet.  Even though the slush eventually comes and washes it all away.