Come on in!

After about a year of watching the paint on our front door chip and peel in the scorching Texas sun, I finally decided it was time for a fresh look.  I wanted a happier, brighter first impression upon entering our home - something other than the boring, faded brown.  I'm a girl who loves splashes of bright color and thought a happy orange would mesh well with the mint green, cream, and burgundy colors on the outside of our home, while also providing a welcome contrast.

Here is the before and after...

What do you think?  My wonderful mom came to visit last weekend and is responsible for all the scraping and sanding and the first coat of paint.  After I realized the outdoor paint we chose was actually low-VOC, I was brave enough to apply the second coat this weekend and finish it up.  Depending on the light and time of day, it seems tangerine, or carrot, or pumpkin, or chai.

I love the color and hope it creates a more welcome entry to our home!

by night

Coming soon - new colorful doormats and this swing for the front porch {all gifts from my mom}, along with repainted wooden furniture that a friend found for me on the side of the road.  Stay tuned for more front-of-the-house makeovers!