What I'm learning right now...

Yes, this is it.  This is exactly it.

"Because of this, the very transparency that moves us close to others sharply separates us from some. Seeing what we see, we feel a distance from those conversations that are accumulations of what-I-did, and where-I've-been, and who-I-know and what-I-own.  The seeing that sees through these things makes it harder to enter into dialogue with those who live by things.  Transparency sees some modes of life crumbling to ashes before our very eyes.  We can no longer live for the dreams that some are moved by.  Silence, stillness, a dreaming within us calls us to a depth that cannot even be spoken of.

So our clarity loosens and disentangles us from some kinds of amusement and conversation.  As we become more aware of an inner reality, some kinds of business and occupation seem totally beside the point.  We no longer live, as we once did, for doing.  Now what we burn for is stillness.  We cultivate not the pleasures of going and coming and doing, but the peacefulness and abandonment of not-doing, which is an experience of the wonder of God.  It is the clarity that knows less is more, the realization that we need not carve our mark upon existence, so much as we need to let it carve its mark upon us."

~ from Clinging: the Experience of Prayer by Emilie Griffin (p. 50)