Pinterest projects lately...

So few days before Christmas, so little time.  Thanks to Pinterest, I now have seemingly endless amounts of inspiration and a constantly growing list of craft projects to tackle. Thanks to my mom being in town for a week over Thanksgiving, I've made a lot of progress!  Free childcare so Mommy can have some sanity creative-time?  Check.

First, a small home improvement project to brighten things up a bit...

I fell in lurve with this orange window...

...and then became obsessed with replicating it in my own kitchen.  My kitchen sink area resembles this layout, all white with the farm sink and glass cabinets on each side.  Except with a heckuva lot more stuff cluttered around it.  I was already planning to paint my kitchen walls creamsicle orange {one day} but it just seemed like so much to tackle with all that taping and painting around oddly shaped spaces. 

So, painting just the trim around the window?  Much more unique, and faster too!  My sweet husband decided to buy me paint for this project as a birthday present, so I went on a mission to find the perfect creamy orange...ah yes, "Orange Slice" by Glidden.

Sure brightens things up, doesn't it?

~ ~ ~

Once that was completed, I got busy making handmade Christmas decorations.  My love affair with wool has been taken to another level, I tell you.

Christmas yarn wreath with felt poinsettias.  I was inspired by this beautiful wreath from the Hope Mommies website, but I also loved the poinsettias like on this wreath.  So I sort of combined the two ideas and used the tutorial from this site which even includes an easy template you can print for the petals!  For the center of my flowers, I used three small green circles of felt and added a jingle bell.  I then painted a small, thin piece of wood with chalkboard paint, wrote on it with chalk pen, and attached it to the wreath with yarn.

It's amazing all the things one can do with a glue gun.

Pine cone garland.  I've been embarrassing myself for months now, scooping up pine cones and acorns from people's yards, hoping they won't notice.  I have pine cones scattered all throughout the house.  It was time to convert them into Christmas decorations!  I made this simple garland by tying yarn bows and gluing them to the ends of plain pine cones with a hot glue gun.  Then I glued each pine cone bow to a strand of ribbon.  Seriously took about 15 minutes total.

Handmade ornaments.  There are hundreds of handmade ornament ideas on Pinterest, but I decided to use my trusty pinecones.  Just brushed them with some gold and silver paint and glued yarn to hang.

I still love these paper birds from last year...

Felt Christmas garland.  Ever since I made the felt leaf garland for fall, I've been wanting to try another one, except stitching the felt pieces together this time with a needle and thread instead of using thick yarn.  Sometimes I like to pretend I can sew, you see.  I was inspired by this Christmas garland and decided to give it a go...

Felt mistletoe.  No doorway is complete at Christmastime without mistletoe.  How adorable is this?  I've already gotten some smooches underneath it.

Winter mason jars.  Finally, I recycled my fall acorn mason jars and made them wintery.  I cut some holly and berries out of felt, glued them to white ribbon, and added kosher salt for fake snow. 

I really wanted to make these adorable snow globes or yarn wrapped trees or a wine cork wreath, but there's always next year! 

Please share your Christmas craftiness too!