Care for a spot of tea?

This, here, is my lovely vintage English tea tray that I found at a local thrift shop for $1.  Can you even believe how beautiful it is?  Please notice the adorable dragonfly/butterfly design facing to the right in the very center, a detail I noticed and loved immediately.  When I saw this tray, I knew it should come home with me.

The scuff marks on the underside of the tray silently speak of tea service past.  I can only wonder whose pinkies were delicately turned upward as they reached down for a cup and took a first cautious sip.

Did you know a "spot" of tea actually means a teacup full?  Perhaps my U.K. readers can verify!

Late last night after finally coaxing our teething daughter to sleep, this is how I served tea to myself and my husband - complete with two vintage pottery mugs and a vintage Vera Neumann napkin.  He had Sleepytime, and I had Decaf Sweet Coconut Thai.  It made me smile after a long day.  Doesn't tea always?  Taking that first hot sip of tea is a cup of life, warming you down to your toes, washing away every ounce of stress from the day.

Happy tea-drinking today!