And the winner is...

The winner of the "first day of fall" giveaway is comment #12...Aunt Meesh! 

"Aunt Meesh" just so happens to be my sister-in-law, Michelle Fisher (Steven's sister and Luci Belle's aunt).  I swear this wasn't rigged!

The giveaway package will take a little bit 'o autumn all the way to Northern Iraq, where Michelle and her husband Cody live, helping fund life-saving heart surgeries for Iraqi children through the Preemptive Love Coalition

What was one of Michelle's favorite fall memories?

well this is easy - fall walks in Aspen with my favorite LuciBelle! (come on - that's gotta count double, right?) {insert aunt meesh/luci belle moby pic} was that really a year ago?? time flies...

The last time we saw Aunt Meesh was last October when we took a lovely vacation with Steven's family to Aspen.  I love remembering her carrying a 3-month-old Luci Belle snugly in the Moby wrap all through the quaint streets, the stunning mountains.  Ahhhhh.  I miss Colorado.  But we miss Aunt Meesh much, much more!

On a walk in Aspen

Downtown Boulder: Michelle, Cody, and a very hungry Luci Belle

I can't believe how wittle Luci Belle is here...

Aspen is truly magical in the fall.

Thanks to all who entered, I loved reading your favorite fall memories!