3 simple joys.

Here are 3 simple joys I've experienced lately...

This laugh.

Cracking Up from Team Bails on Vimeo.

I get to have this kind of joy in my life everyday! 

~ ~ ~

This smile.

When she came out of the womb, one of the first things I noticed about her was her mouth...it stretched all the way across her face in a wide, beautiful line.  I could see that smile a million times a day and then some.

~ ~ ~

Flowers, just because.

A friend and volunteer of ours at Urban Acres, Caroline, brought Steven and I this bouquet of lovely flowers last week.  With it, she included a note that said, "I want to encourage you to stand firm in the knowledge of God's great love for and devotion to you, His beloved lilies." 

How precious!  And oh how we needed that encouragement right now as we trudge through the daily challenges of owning a small business.

~ ~ ~

What are 3 simple joys you've experienced lately?  Please, do share!