Hiking with my girl.

The weather has been beautiful, which means 'tis the season for hiking excursions at the Cedar Ridge Preserve.  Oh, I so want to be a Colorado-livin' baby-wearin' mountain mama.  My friend Sharon moved to Denver recently and gets to be one for real!  Lucky.

So, here we are just outta the car, my Boba carrier secured.  As you can tell, I'm a wee bit more excited than Luci Belle...

It was a lovely, warm day.  So picturesque as spring was beginning to burst onto the scene...

My first view of the trail always causes a huge exhale.  Everyone should have green, wooded space nearby, in my humble opinion. 

Off we went...

The forest was very purty.

We saw local treasures like Trout Lilies and Texas succulents.

Then, I felt a little less bobbing on my back and realized that my passenger had nodded off to sleep!  Don't you just love toddler drool between the bra straps?  I do.

I hiked a little longer, and she awoke in time for a stop in the butterfly garden for a snack. 

We had a tasty snack of homemade almond butter, apples, banana, and dried apricots.  Well, mama liked the apricots.  I offered them to her, and she said, "NO!  Yucky!"  {Dried apricots dipped in almond butter = even better!}

Yes, apples dipped in nut butter are the perfect end to any hiking excursion.  Don't you think?