Sissy, soul sister.

Have you seen the interview with Sissy Spacek in the latest issue of Garden & Gun?  Just lovely.  I've always liked her as an actress - after all, she starred in the movie Coal Miner's Daughter in 1980, and you might or might not know that I have a slight fascination with Loretta Lynn and used to belt out the lines, "Well, I wuz borrrn a coaaal miner's daughterrr..." all the time in college.  A coal miner's daughter?  From New Jersey?  My Nashville friends always got a kick out of that.

But now I'm convinced that Sissy and I are long-lost soul sisters and that we'd be wonderful friends.

Not only is she still married to her first love - a feat which is entirely rare in Hollywood - but it sounds like she has also prioritized motherhood above her fame and that she has a very close relationship with her two grown daughters.

"You become who you are and you realize, I'll never be a ballerina or a great chef.  We are, as my mother said, a product of our choices.  The world would be better if we taught our children those types of things.  Not how to wipe your mouth with a napkin so much as how to become someone worthwhile."

Staying true to her Texas country roots, she rejected living in Hollywood to embrace farm life in Virginia.  These words evoke so many feelings in me...

"I love cities.  I do.  But nature is my refuge.  A bug hitting a screen on a summer night is music to me.  The wind in the trees, the creek running full after a storm.  All of those sounds are a choir that fills me up and calms me.  It took me a long time to realize that."

Finally, she is 62-years-old and looks absolutely stunning, in a simple, natural way.  What's not to love?