Inspiring things lately.


Here's a random collection of inspiring things I wanted to share...

  • Taproot - a new magazine I simply.must.have.
  • Stop For A Moment - a great reminder from The Family Dinner website
  • A Farmer in the Dell - love the recipes on this blog by a young husband and wife farmer team.  Be sure to check out her Favorite Recipes page, including this Roasted Carrot Veggie Pasta and Cauliflower Pizza Crust that have me salivating.  Must try this pizza as soon as we get some local goat cheese back in stock at Urban Acres!
  • The Dance - some beautiful thoughts on life and motherhood written by a Nashville mama.  I don't know her personally, but I used to work with her husband at Mocha Club.
  • Marilyn Monroe's "diet" - love it.
  • Helpful, free printables from Ann Voskamp's website - on her main menu, select "Free Gifts For You". Then download the PDF "10 Real Helps for Really Busy Moms and 10 Prayers for Joyful Parenting."  I have these framed in my bathroom.  I don't try to digest both of the entire lists every day.  Instead, I take one from each list every day.  So, if today is the 8th of the month, I concentrate on #8 on each list for that day, and that's it.

Got anything inspiring to share?