Take time to look around...

View from the hammock this morning"Where morning dawns and evening fades
you call forth songs of joy." – Psalm 65:8 (NIV)

From Heaven Calling, May 16th...

The work of an artist always points back to its creator. Do you remember the last breathtaking sunset you watched? I shared it with you because I love you. The beauty you see in the sky, or the sea, or the forest, or across the plain---all of it points you to me. Every good thing in this world is designed to praise me. Even the rocks testify of my works.

Child, the witness of the world around you affirms that I love your worship in any form---your songs, your gratitude, your talents and treasures, even your stumbling words of praise and your sighs of amazement when words fail. In heaven’s language, a sigh can be high praise when my Spirit inspires you.

Hello, pretty flower.

Take time to look around, beloved. Let the beauty of my creation bring forth songs of joy from your heart and life!
God, thank you for sharing yourself with me. You inspire me to praise you!

Read Psalm 65.