The best kind of Saturday.

You know those days when you seem to say from start to finish, "Wow, I get to live this life?!"  When you wish you could immediately start it all over again and do the exact same thing?  That was today.  Nothing earth-shattering, just a handful of ordinary glimmering moments full of life and joy and abundance.

First, my brother, nieces and nephew came over for breakfast.  Chocolate chip pancakes for all, scrambled eggs with cheese, a fruit bowl of juicy blueberries, peaches and apples.  Frothy chocolate milk and cups of applesauce.  The house was full of yelling and rambunciousness and laughter.  And lots of jumping on the bed, "cooking" with the play kitchen, acting like monsters, reading books from my childhood, and pretending we were Charlie's Angels.  A memorable moment was when 10-year-old niece declared she was going to serve me eggs with "sea salt and sea pepper."  Quote of the morning from my nephew, "I'm not a monster!  I'm ZACHARY!" 

Then, early afternoon, it was off to Urban Acres to visit Steven at work.  We made the "mistake" of letting  almost-two-year-old Luci Belle get into the watermelon bin once, and then she wouldn't stop asking, "Squash?  Up, Mama?"  Well, they're not squash; they're melon.  But okay.

With all the daily challenges, it sure is fun owning a store, because I get to witness scenes like this just about every weekend.  Melt me.

Back home, it was time for a snack, and I couldn't wait to tear into the newest Hail Merry tart flavor - coconut vanilla creme!  Yes please.  For those of you in other states, Hail Merry products should be at your local Whole Foods! 

After some time for relaxation and naps, we saw the storms 'a rollin' in.  One moment it was sunny and scorching; the next it was dark and windy and blustery, all cozy outside and a cool(er) 85 degrees.  Thank  God.  Our parched city really needed some relief.  We decided to take a walk to revel in it. 

As we set out, it was glaringly obvious that our 2-year-old doesn't see rain often.  As soon as a few droplets started to sprinkle her toes, she asked for a towel. Seriously.

But we kept strolling and reveling in the quietness and coolness.  On the way home, Steven decided to take us past a grove of massive fig trees growing wildly in the Winnetka Heights neighborhood.  Popping them in our mouths like candy straight off the tree, we filled our tummies.  Meanwhile, cars whizzed by, oblivious that a delicious free food source was growing right there on the side of the road.

This the handful that made it home...

By the end of the walk, my hair looked like Monica's in the Friends episode where they're in Barbados, but I didn't even care.

We heated up some chicken stock and added shredded chicken, yellow squash, red potatoes, spinach, and Applegate Farms chicken and apple sausage.  As the perfect soothing soup bubbled on the stove on a rainy evening, I thought, these are the days that make it all worth it.

And I just had to share with you.