Today I...

...Slept through my 6:30am alarm.  Dashed around the house trying to get myself and my daughter in the car so I could drop her off at a friend's house and make my 9am appointment for a much-needed haircut.

...Kissed and thanked my husband who quickly whipped up a tea latté without my even asking and handed it to me as I was running out the door.

...Dropped my daughter off at my friend Melissa's house where she played with dollhouses and bears and hats and books.  Caught up with my beloved hairstylist/friend Sylvia.  Rejoiced again in how much I love having bangs and wondered where they've been all my life.

...Retrieved my daughter and asked if she wanted to go on a date with Mommy for smoothies.  Her reply: "Ohhh-KAYYYYYYY!"  Headed to Southpaw's for a Chocolate Nutty-Monkey smoothie and Green Gobbler sandwich with watermelon and orange slices and a side of silliness.

 ...Stopped by our store where I always love being on Fridays when new produce is arriving.  Butternut and sweet dumpling chard...sweet potatoes...

...Delivered some tea to a mama friend who was having a rough day.  Sat on the porch with her and her baby girl while my big girl played on the sidewalk barefoot, collecting acorns and berries.

...Stepped over fake play food and wooden tea set on the living room floor and put on Dora The Explorer without shame so I could cook dinner in peace.

...Made this for dinner, but instead of quinoa, I added roasted sweet potatoes and a side of chicken sausage.  Absolutely delish.

...Gave my daughter a bath, during which she asked me to cradle her plastic walrus bath toy in my arms like a baby.  I complied.

...Drank a glass and a half of wine - first, a leftover Syrah and then a Malbec sent over by the aforementioned mama friend as an unecessary but appreciated return gift for the tea.

...Felt excited at the sound of pouring rain outside (finally!) and the momentary flickering of the lights.  Perfect early fall evening.

...Danced in the livingroom with my husband and daughter, twirled until we were dizzy and fell down.

...Read Goodnight, Moon and The Animal "eestra" (Orchestra) three times each before the little one finally drifted off to sleep.

...Reveled in a quiet house after the rest of my family was in bed at 9:05pm. 

...Ate no less than three chocolate chip cookies with my bedtime tea and didn't regret it one bit.

...Realized that not all days are this imperfectly perfect, filled with such glimmering small treasures.  And that's why it's ever so important to celebrate those that are.