How to help our children appreciate God's creation.

I wanted to share something special with you...I'm honored to be included as one of the guest bloggers on Club JellyTelly - a wonderful website with positive programming for kids.  They have a subscription-based service (kind of like Netflix but only $5/month) for unlimited viewing of all their shows.  My daughter and I especially like the new show "Come On Over" - it reminds me of the ones I loved growing up in the 80s - to me, it's like a cross between Fraggle Rock, Mister Rogers, and one of my alltime favorites - The Magic Garden.  (Oh, the beloved Paula and Carole!)

Anyway, my first post for Club JellyTelly is live - "How To Help Our Children Appreciate God's Creation".  I hope you enjoy it!

"And if God took such care creating the intricacies of a simple pinecone, a flower, a snowflake…how much more does He love and care for us, His very best work?"

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