Inspiration today: parenting edition.


Here are some inspiring words that have been speaking to my weary mama heart lately...

the most fearless thing we can do is keep showing up with love and grace and joy in our real, right-now lives.

  • Brave moms raise brave kids - post by Jen Hatmaker.  This post kicked my butt - so many mixed emotions.  I wanted to hug every word in this post, and then punch it in the face.  It's such a challenge finding the fine balance between raising our kids to be brave, to not be afraid, teaching them to trust...while also protecting them as parents especially when they are little.
  • 25 ways to stay calm as a parent - huge soul exhale.  I'm not the only one who freaks when my kid drinks the bathwater?  I'm not the only mom who feels like she says "no" way too much?  Time to calm.  Down.  

I’m adopting a ruthless anti-frantic policy. I’m done with frantic. The new baseline for me: will saying yes to this require me to live in a frantic way? 

I’m saying no more often than I’m saying yes. I’m asking hard questions about why I’ve kept myself so busy all these years. The space and silence I’m creating is sometimes beautiful and sometimes terrifying.

Do ya see a theme here?  Thankful for inspirational women who encourage - the real ones in my everyday life and yes, even those online friends I've never met.

~ ~ ~

Enjoy your day!