Snail mail exchange - part deux.

It's time for another snail mail exchange!  The first one was kind of an experiment, but it went so well that I've decided to organize another.  It's simple...

If you decide to participate, I will randomly assign you a snail mail exchange buddy to whom you will send a small, fun snail mail package.  Think handmade, simple, thoughtful.  The point is just sending someone something to make them smile, not spending a ton of money.  And you certainly don't have to make something if you don't feel comfortable with that.  Just think of something YOU would enjoy receiving.  I'm also thinking about giving this exchange a theme, like SPRING.  Anything that has to do with spring.


  • Handwritten notes/cards or encouraging quotes/verses
  • Items from nature
  • Bookmark
  • Something handmade
  • Seed packets
  • Tea/coffee

Here are some of the items I received from my friend Ginny in the last exchange...

Colorful adorned paper clips, fun quotation cards that are now hanging in my craft room, and some beautiful pods from a sycamore in her hometown, with inspirational words attached to them.  I still look at these every day.

So, are you in?

Post a comment below (if you don't know me personally, be sure to include your email address) and I'll contact you with details.

Here's to snail mail!

UPDATE: As of March 19th, this snail mail exchange is full.  Stay tuned for the next one!  Thanks!