It's another girl!

We were so convinced we were having a boy (darn you, pencil test!) that I asked the sonogram tech to check about 4 times!  But it's true...another Bailey girl is being added to the family sometime after New Year's. 

I've made it to 25 weeks and am still getting sick every morning, and after trying every natural remedy imaginable, am still dependent on medicine so I don't toss my cookies all day and night.  Sigh.  This little girl is giving me a run for my money, but we couldn't be more excited about adding another girl to our family and for Luci Belle to grow up with a sister.

What a precious gift from God...

Side view

Two little feet

View's a girl!In related news, check out this absolutely beautiful Prayer For A Daughter written by Ann Voskamp...brought tears to my eyes.