I heart three-year-olds.

belle blowing dandelion tutu.jpg

I've decided that three-year-olds are some of the most imaginative beings on the planet.  My daughter Luci Belle is constantly cracking us up with her fanciful stories and tales, and I love seeing her imagination take flight.   Since her baby sister Norah arrived, it seems as if these stories have been taken to another level.  Here are a few gems she's said lately...

She walks into the room holding a flower vase from the bathroom, emptied out of the flowers and filled with water. 

Me: "What are you doing with that vase?" 

LB: "Just drinking out of it.  It's my wine glass."

~ ~ ~

Upon leaving for a walk, I notice change stuffed in her back pocket. 

Me: "Why are you taking money with you to the park?"

LB: "I'm just taking it in case we see someone who is sick or doesn't have food to eat.  Then I can get it for them."

~ ~ ~

LB: {very urgently} "I'm sorry Mommy, but I have to go to California to take care of my daughter, Claire.  But don't worry, I'll only be there for 5 minutes."

In addition to her "daughter Claire" {who, interestingly, is five-years-old}, she says she has "another daughter, Olivia Jewell" who lives in California.  The other day, we found out about yet another family member - "a talking cat named Carol."

~ ~ ~

It's funny how since Norah was born, Luci Belle now has her own made-up daughters onto whom she projects things, like if she has a potty accident.  She says, "My daughter Claire sometimes has accidents..." and we get to have a conversation about how to kindly respond when that happens.  I'm guessing all of this is just a normal, imaginative way to deal with the many changes in our lives and the challenges of being three.  These days can be so exhausting, but I record them here to remind me of their beauty and wonder - I hope I never forget that my daughters' childhoods are happening right now.  What a joy.  What a responsibility. 

And I've seriously gotta meet that talking cat.