Letter to my girls.

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Luci Isabelle, 3.5 years // Norah Jewell, 2 months

"You’re mine to love

Come into these open arms

It took some time to wait it out

But I see it now, you’re worth all the dreaming."

~ Dave Barnes

Luci Belle and Norah,

I love saying that now - "my girls."  Do I really get to be the mama of two beautiful, precious daughters?  I look at each of you, so unique, so wonderfully made.  Luci Belle, the top half of your face is your Daddy's, your bottom half is mine.  Norah, you look more like your Daddy everyday, but I'll claim your wavy chocolate brown hair and little pointed chin.

Each day, I pray for you my girls, asking that the Lord would captivate your hearts at an early age, that you will grow to be best friends and share lots of laughter.  Selfishly, I pray that your Daddy and I will be fortunate enough to live alongside you for a very long time, that we have years of fun and silliness together as a family - cross-country road trips, cooking together at home, creating, taking walks and hikes, living and loving together on this journey.

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Luci Belle,

You first made me a mama.  My biggest hope for you during this transition to a family of four is that you would still feel ever so loved and treasured.  I feel so inadequate most days, like I'm not giving you enough attention.  I pray that God would give me the patience and ability to love you the way you uniquely need right now - through one-on-one cuddle time, a listening ear, or a mommy-buddy to share ice cream with.

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How did you get to be such a big girl?  Wasn't I just cuddling your newborn body in this very room?  I'm so proud of the girl you've become.

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I see these photos and am moved by how perfectly they capture you - your smile, your passion.  I know God has special plans to use that spirited soul of yours.

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LB Feb 2014 - 2.jpg


Welcome to our family, sweet girl.  You have such a peace and calmness about you that perfectly balances out our family.  We waited so long for you and now I can't imagine life otherwise.

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It's so fun to have a tiny baby again.  Since you are probably my last, I find myself just sitting and staring at you and smelling your sweet smell for minutes on end.  I don't want to miss a thing ~ like your gorgeous cock-eyed smile and pillowy cheeks.  You don't cry much and sleep pretty much anywhere and love being carried in the Moby wrap or Boba.

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I've always had ambitions to do work outside the home, and I've been able to accomplish that.  But above all, what I always wanted was to be a mother.  In many ways, it's the more difficult path and more challenging than I ever thought possible.  But to see the face of God in each of you, to be challenged to be a better version of myself everyday, and to be given this immense gift and responsibility, is worth it a million times over. 

Love you with all my heart,


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*All photos by Erin Fletcher.