She's four.

How has it possibly been four years?  Four years since I became a mama on a hot July day.  Four years of her joyful, spunky personality.

Four years of being stretched and challenged and sanctified in ways I could only imagine before I had children.  Four years of the hardest, and most rewarding, work I've ever done.

I'm not gonna lie, age 3 was more difficult for us than age 2.  But with it came so many moments of wonder as her imagination took flight.  I can't remember a day when she didn't make us stop in our tracks with one of her creative and insightful observations.

The other morning while playing with clay...

Luci Belle: "UGHHHHH!"
Me: "Take a deep breath.  Let's not get frustrated."
LB: "OK.  Because Jesus is in our house, right Mommy?"
Me: {kinda surprised but delighted} "Yes!  Where did you learn that?"
LB: "In my heart, remember?"

Happy four years, Luci Isabelle.  We're so thankful for your precious spirit-filled life!