Things I learned in yoga class.

For me, yoga has always been the perfect type of exercise for my body ~ its peaceful and slower pace still gives me a really challenging workout.  Kudos and much respect to all of you runners, but that will probably never be me.  It feels so great to get back into yoga again postpartum (and Pilates for the first time!).

Lately, I've been trying to ride my bike to our local yoga studio, and can I just tell you how freeing that is?   Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love babywearing and taking walks with my girls in the stroller, but when it's just me - with nothing attached and nothing to push - I almost feel naked.  In the best possible way. 

So the other day, I threw my water bottle and a good book into my bike basket, and my new flowery yoga pants and I got peddling.   I felt like a kid again flying down the side streets to the studio and chaining my bike to the closest pole.

For my first class back after having Norah, I chose a Yoga Basics class taught by an instructor with a voice that could lull you to sleep and sounded a lot like Ione Sky in Say Anything.  The class was slower paced and focused a lot on relaxation, twists, and really listening to our bodies.  At the end, she asked if anyone wanted a few drops of lavender oil on their towel.  My hand shot in the air.  It was heavenly.

As I look forward to this time each week, I've been thinking about all the great lessons yoga has taught me lately:

  • Sweating is essential and just feels so good. I crave that time a few minutes after entering the lowly lit studio when my body starts to warm and any cares of the day start to release.
  • Being upside down for a little while just makes the whole world a little clearer. 
  • Our bodies are different everyday.
  • When you look at other people {in class} and take your focus away, you fall.
  • As my instructor said, "Your issues are in your tissues."   We carry emotional issues in our bodies and they can actually create physical symptoms.  Let it go.
  • Creating emptiness in our lives allows for grace to seep in.
  • You know that show Hoarders?  We do that inside our body too.  Again, let it go.
  • "Slow and strong, slow and strong, slow and strong," - this is my new goal for how I want to live my life - slowly, with strength.  Slowly enough to capture the joy and small, beautiful moments, but not lazily...with intention.  In control, but surrendered.    And stronger - both emotionally and physically - everyday.