Mom's Necklaces for nursing and babywearing.

I'm a big fan of babywearing!  I've carried my two daughters as much as possible, and even though she practically runs everywhere now, Norah is still a fan of being toted around in the Boba.  Any mom of little ones knows how much they love to grab whatever we're wearing around our necks and immediately insert it into their mouths.  Enter babywearing necklaces, which are functional and also beautiful and colorful.  These handcrafted babywearing and nursing necklaces are popping up everywhere now, and I love the crochet and wood ones in particular!  I recently was sent a Mom's Necklace to review all the way from Israel by Tamara, the owner and woman who personally makes all the necklaces.  This is the one she sent me...


Lovely and springy, huh?  It's made from crocheted organic cotton, beechwood beads, and unlike the other nursing necklaces I have, it includes a unique coconut pendant at the bottom.  The coconut pendant was definitely Norah's favorite part!  As you can see in the photo above, she loved holding it while nursing and chewing on it, and I'm sure the hole-y texture felt great on her new teeth coming in.

I treasure all the babywearing necklaces I have, because they've been with me and my babies during so many special moments - countless hours of nursing, holding them close in a carrier, or just playing.

Check out the Mom's Necklace website - she has lots of crochet jewelry and baby toys - beautiful necklaces, earrings, teething rings, baby headbands and hats.  You can also follow her on Instagram.  Enjoy!