On shining like lights...

Because I have two rambunctious kiddos and because it's rainy and dreary and cold outside and because my husband is in bed not feeling well and it's gonna be a long day, I'm quickly posting just a few quotes that have been making me think lately about how we are to shine of Christ in this broken world. 

First, one of my favorite quotes by Madeleine L'Engle, posted on Instagram by my friend Stephanie Orefice...


And then a quote from Bob Goff, author of Love Does...

I'd love to know your thoughts!

Just a perfect day.

We all have those days when you just want to go inside a closet and scream at the top of your lungs.  I've had several lately - my almost 4-year-old has been going through a big emotional change and has entered a new stage of ear-shattering tantrums. 

But this day we had recently...it was just one of those perfect days.  Everyone had great attitudes, there was an abundance of sunshine, and it was warm, but not too warm (dare I say, fallish?).  My moments were filled with work caring and providing for my family balanced with just "being."

It began with my morning drink, slightly revised for Whole30: hot Yerba maté, warmed coconut milk, 1 date, and unsweetened cocoa powder whipped in the blender until frothy.  I added a sprinkle with pumpkin pie spice on top. So yum. 

We then packed up the car, double stroller, and all the random thingamajigs that Luci Belle puts in her purse and headed to Klyde Warren Park in downtown Dallas - an unbelievably beautiful place that's part of the Arts District.  It's privately operated so it's always super clean and safe - there are even employees walking around and an outdoor library where you can grab books and games to read on-site and return.  It was a gorgeous morning, and we seemed to have the entire children's area to ourselves.  Klyde Warren really has made Dallas way cooler - it's the perfect city park.  Reminds me so much of Hudson River Park in TriBeCa, NYC.

Then, we headed across the street to the Dallas Museum of Art which is totally free now!  The "Center for Creative Connection" had all kinds of play/art activities for children.  We sifted through buckets of tissue paper, buttons, wire, and tape and made some paper flowers.

There was an interesting exhibit there created by mothers for mothers, asking the question below.  Tiny pieces of tile were available where you could write your answer with pencil and then place it on a scale on the "others" or "self" side, or right in the middle.  I placed mine in the middle as I thought about how to find more balance.

Seems fitting that we ended up spending the rest of our afternoon doing just that...we found a spot in the sun to rest, play, and soak up some Vitamin D.  No matter what our day looks like, it always goes better if we spend time outside.

By the way, my creative, adventurous Luci Belle had another wardrobe change - seems that happens about five times a day lately!

I can't be thankful enough that we have a small grassy area in our backyard now where we can sit and play.  It's surrounded by perennials that are friendly to bees and butterflies, like the pair of Monarchs that visits us several times a day.

This girl loves collecting flowers and reminding me the importance of being wild and free.  I learn a lot from her.

As we sat in the grass together with our toes touching, she surprised me by saying, "I'm just thinking of all the good things I get to do with you."  My heart welled up, because so many days I feel completely inadequate, but I'm glad she remembers the good things.

This little ray of sunshine just sat in the grass happily for awhile, discovering a leaf.  What joy she brings to our family!  I don't want this baby stage to go away.  I'm afraid of not appreciating it enough and it passing me by when I'm not looking. 

The evening was filled with all the ordinary every day things that I love - the smells of dinner cooking, the hum of the TV from the living room as my husband was finally home from work and cuddled up with the girls on the couch.  After they were in bed (at least for a little bit), I had some quiet time on the back deck under the twinkle lights with a hot cup of tea and was able to finally finish Love Does by Bob Goff.  My heart was so stirred by this book - I can't wait to share some thoughts...

Not all days feel this "perfect" ~ that's for sure.  But I'm thankful for those that peek through, full of life-giving moments to fuel me for the ones that are more challenging.  Now more than ever, I feel that this season of life can be so difficult but so very lovely. 

It's all in my perspective how the day will turn out, because we're guaranteed nothing.  "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." (Albert Einstein)

This day, I chose everything.