Snip snip.

I did it.  I got a "lob" or a "clavicut" or whatever you want to call the adorable hairstyle that sits a tiny bit below the shoulders and makes your hair looks super fun and bouncy.  It was so time for a postpartum locks were so long when I pulled out the curls that they came almost down to my elbow, and there were several inches of dry dead ends.  Every morning when I woke up (or if I wore a necklace with a big clasp that day), I would have a huge dread underneath in the back that would take forever to comb out in the shower.  I was so over it.

So after pinning several photos of "long angled bobs" and lots of inspiration from Jessica Alba and apparently, Selena Gomez, I got one of my own.  And I couldn't possibly love it more.  My first thought when I got in the car post-haircut?  "I feel so free!"

{Necklace from Kangaroo Care}

I know it's only hair, but I swear there's something about getting a fresh cut that also freshens your whole life.  Our hair adorns us, and it's a way to express our style and feelings.  My hair doesn't define me, but it sure makes a difference to embrace the hair texture God gave me rather than flattening it everyday of my life like I used to do. 

It's such an easy cut too.  Even when I let it air-dry to my natural curls (which is 99.9% of the time), it falls perfectly.  I sleep on it and wake up the next day and it looks like nothing changed.  Yup, the perfect cut for a busy mom of two!