Pinterest project: Repurposed wreath with fabric rosettes.

"Making these fabric rosettes is like therapy," I said to Brooke, a fellow creative soul, as we stood around the table in my dining room.  She agreed.  We'd been there for several hours on a cold, rainy Sunday, contentedly cutting and twisting our fabric in silence.

Part of my decluttering mission for this month has also included recycling and repurposing items I was no longer using.  This old broomstick wreath from JoAnn was sitting in a pile in my daughter's closet, decorated with ugly yellow plastic flowers, half of which had already been blown off when the wreath adorned my front door a few years ago. Oh, the poor things my front door had to endure before Pinterest came along.

Then I saw these fabric rosettes on Pinterest, and I thought I could make some for my old wreath.  Brooke and Paul ended up visiting for the weekend, and she brought a ton of her fabric scraps - everything from velvet to denim to Hawaiian.  So, while the boys discussed venison chili and oil drilling, we went to town on making rosettes.

We used this very clear tutorial on how to make the rosettes.  I swear it's addicting once you get started. 

And then, you just need a good 'ole hot glue gun to fasten them on.  I swear most of the world's problems could be solved with a hot glue gun.

I love how it turned out!  So much that I decided to make it an "inside" wreath.

The rich velvety blue of the last rosette on the right is my exact color inspiration to paint the chandelier in the butler's pantry (see the last photo).   Now, to find the perfect color of blue spray paint...stay tuned!