Learning numbers with hopscotch.

The Bailey girls love chalk, we just do.  And drawing hopscotch on the sidewalk in front of our house is something we do often.  The other morning, our chalk fun turned into an impromptu numbers lesson, so I wanted to share.  Nothing like totally unplanned learning that seems just like play!

First, I just drew the hopscotch like I normally do, and we played a few times.  Then, I told her to close her eyes and choose a piece of chalk from the box. 

With the orange piece of chalk she chose, I told her to trace my numbers on the hopscotch and tell me the name of the number as she did it.  Her eyes lit up and she was excited to try it.

Then, I had her close her eyes again and choose another piece of chalk (purple this time) and then draw her own numbers next to each of my numbers.  This was harder obviously, as she's still learning how to write all of her numbers well.  But having already traced them and seeing mine next to hers, it helped a lot.

And that's all!  Super simple, but I thought someone else could use the idea.  We went back to playing a few more rounds of hopscotch, and it was just another reminder that LIFE LEARNING is fun!