16 weeks.

Well, Baby Bailey sure popped out this past week!  Just like everyone said would happen, I woke up one morning and was surprised by how big my belly was, seemingly overnight.  Also, I've gone three mornings without getting sick at all!  Hallelujah, I feel like I have my life back!

I'd also like to say that I love my Mocha Club tshirts, like the "Connected" design I'm wearing in this photo.  Who knew they'd function as maternity shirts?  They come low enough to go around the hips and cover the belly without riding up.  And they just get softer and softer with age.  Perfect.


Yesterday afternoon, Steven and I seized the glorious sunny, 68 degree weather (in January!) and took a much needed afternoon trip to the SMU campus, our haven.  I feel stress dissipate and peace descend when I set foot on that campus full of old towering trees, fluffy grass, and calming fountains.  We spread our flannel plaid blanket under a pin oak tree in the sun and removed our Whole Foods goodies from the shopping bag.  For me: Sonoma chicken salad, woven wheat crackers, and a delicious, juicy navel orange.  For him: rotisserie chicken, red pepper hummus, and a mini baguette.  With the Adele Pandora station on in the background, we quietly ate and periodically closed our eyes to feel the warm sun on our faces.  I said aloud, "I'm so thankful I feel better so I can do things like this again." How I've missed the freedom of going out and just enjoying the world.


When I finished eating, I lay back on the blanket and reflected on how blessed I was to be there, with him, under a tree in the sun, with our baby in my belly.