17 weeks.

So, I bought my first real maternity shirt at Old Navy, and here it is.  I also finally caved and started wearing one of those Bella Bands to hold the jeans up since they can't button anymore!  

I feel like I'm at that stage now where people look at my belly and suspect I'm pregnant, but it's not big enough yet - at least from the front - for them to be sure.  So they usually just look down and then back up at me and smile. 

In other news, I've been thinking I need a fresh change.  What inspired me was one of my favorite blogs, Walk Slowly, Live Wildly, that always makes me happy - the bright colors, the simplicity, the stories of their joyful lives.  Sara {the blog author}, her husband, and two little girls travel across the U.S. in an RV and believe in "living lightly."  They have very few possessions but are rich in friendships and experiences.   Their lifestyle not only resonates with the artist in me but the part of me that wants to continue living a more simple life.  Perhaps that whole RV cross-country thing is in the five year plan...

That being said, I'm most likely changing this blog and my website over to Squarespace in a few weeks.  I just wanted something happier, brighter and more dynamic, and Squarespace has incredible, easy-to-use features!  I've been working really hard on it and can't wait to unveil my new online "home" to you!