• Shaving my legs is starting to get interesting.
  • To be totally honest, until a few weeks ago, I wasn't necessarily enjoying being pregnant.  I've been completely and utterly thankful that I am pregnant but haven't really been appreciating the whole process thus far.  But then all of a sudden one evening, I felt a poke.  Deep down in my belly.  And that's when I fell in love with this whole beautiful process...now I look forward to the moments everyday when I can feel our little girl kicking, turning, doing her little gymnastic moves where she pulls her toes up to her ears. 
  • It's almost March, and that means that spring is coming soon to Dallas! Spring in Texas is a gift straight from heaven.  I can hardly wait to plant my wildflower seeds my husband got me for Valentine's Day - one of them is a fairy meadow!
  • We watched On Golden Pond last night, and I realized I would really love to live on a lake one day.  In a house with a wide front porch.  And a dock.  And big, tall trees all around.
  • This shampoo and this conditioner are wonderful!  They make my hair smell like Hawaii. They also make me want to take a shower more often which is saying a lot.
  • It's so worth it to pay for comfy maternity jeans.  At this point, I understand why women who aren't even pregnant wear them.  Uh-oh.
  • Pretty sure I need this dress.
  • I think my Aunt Lucille is watching over me...I had a dream the other night that it was my birthday, and I was really pregnant, which was kind of strange since this year on my birthday, I won't be pregnant anymore.  In the dream, I was in a big room with all of my family, and everyone was seated in a giant circle all around the room.  Then, sitting directly across the room from me, I saw my Aunt Lucille who passed away in September.  She was wearing a sherbert-orange and white horizontally striped dress and was just sitting there smiling at me.  I knew right away that I was the only one in the room who could see her.  You know how the "happy birthday" song starts, where one person just starts singing it and then everyone joins in?  Well all of a sudden, the whole room starting singing me happy birthday, and when the song was over, they started yelling, "Speech! Speech!"  So gripping my belly, I shyly shared how blessed I felt to be celebratng this day, how thankful I was for my life and for the baby I was carrying that was about to be born.  And I looked across the room again at Aunt Lucille, and still smiling, she nodded her head as in approval.  So I said to everyone in the room, "This might sound strange to you, but Aunt Lucille is here with us right now.  I can see her sitting across from me right now, smiling.  She was actually the one who started the happy birthday song..."  And then I woke up.  It actually felt like a very happy dream, but when I was in the kitchen making breakfast that morning, I burst into tears telling Steven about it.  And then we both looked at each other and knew - "I think we are going to have a girl."