Happy daffodils.

Today was a crazy Friday...at times, my cell phone, IM, work phone and email were all dinging at the same time, and the dogs were out of control.  To add to the chaos, I wore a shirt today that is apparently not a maternity top but a nursing top and, I'll spare you the details, but let's just say I accidentally discovered today why they call it a nursing top.  WUNDERFUL.

But early this afternoon, my day became a whole lot better when I spotted a small patch of daffodils growing wildly along the side of our house - happy, bright yellow, delicately perfect...so unlike my day.

I snipped some off and made a bouquet and placed them in a pretty olive oil jar I'd saved...

And they found a spot on my desk amidst the chaos...

What a welcome sight - just a short whiff of their sweet scent grounded me more than a few times.

I'm thankful for little gifts like this that are all around us...if we just know where to find them.  I hope I never stop looking.