What it feels like.

Several people have asked me what it feels like to have a human being inside of you, moving and kicking and swishing around.  It's a feeling like none other.

Sometimes it feels like...

bongo drums

a wave

a cheerleader kick and punch

a gentle nudge

morse code

the bottom falling out of your stomach, like when you are on a roller coaster

popcorn popping

Last night, I was in bed writing in my journal and felt a sudden tinge of sadness knowing that, a little over 3 months from now, I won't pregnant anymore.  It will be beyond wonderful to have our baby in our arms, but I know I am going to miss having her inside me floating around, like my own little secret or gift.  It's something only I can feel.  It makes sense to me now how beautifully and carefully God knits our bodies together - He creates a bond even now before I've met our baby where I already feel I'd do anything in the world to protect her, knowing she is so small and dependant and vulnerable in there, nestled in the warm mutedness of my womb.   How anyone could not believe in God after being pregnant is unfathomable to me.  

I'm going to miss having her as my constant companion.  I never understood this until now.