Reflections at 38 weeks.

  • I no longer have ankles; I have cankles.
  • There's just no use for modesty anymore.  I'm going to be totally transparent here and say that the other morning, I got out of bed and was walking around the house in this "outfit":  Totally naked on top, huge belly, underwear hanging on by a thread, Old Navy flip-flops on my feet.  I walked casually into the kitchen, and my husband burst out laughing and said, "Wow."  What else is there to say?  
  • Swimming is like heaven.  It feels wonderful to be weightless for a few precious moments.
  • Remember that adorable pedicure I got a few weeks ago?  It doesn't look so pretty anymore :(.  Sorry, Amy.
  • I cannot wait to see what this little girl's personality is like!  She sticks her butt out all the time - I feel my belly shifting and then look down and it's practically flat on one side and a huge lump on the other.
  • I am still amazed when I realize that a complete human being is about to come out of my body, one that began with just two microscopic cells.  Truly a miracle...
  • People are just so fascinated with pregnant women, even complete strangers.  And yet pregnancy is one of the most common things that happens in the entire world!
  • Eggs, I love you.  My entire pregnancy you never let me down.
  • I'm shocked that I still don't have any stretch marks on my belly.  My midwife said it's hereditary, but I bet all the olive oil I've rubbed on it hasn't hurt either!