Our little girl's room.

The nursery is ready!

It's been so incredibly fun expressing my creativity in this way.  Thanks to the help of several friends and family members, it's come together just as I had imagined.  So many of the things in her room were gifts or passed down from generation to generation, and I love that.

We still don't have the crib, but she'll be sleeping in this co-sleeper next to our bed for awhile anyway.  In the meantime I'm hoping to find one used on Craigslist.

So without further ado, here is a little tour.

When you open the door, this is the view in front of you and to the right.  First, you'll see the loveseat we brought in from the living room, and hanging above it, our homemade "lamp" from the parasol I carried in Suz's wedding that my husband rigged to hang from the ceiling.  The lovely pillows were handmade by my fellow pregnant friend, Bre.  On the floor is my orange canvas diaper bag, packed and ready to go!  The two-toned yellow rug was a great find on Overstock.com.

The front sides of the pillows are made from Anna Maria Horner's "Drawing Room" fabric...

Bre then added orange and pink pom-pom edging from JoAnn's and different fabrics on the back from Amy Butler and Heather Bailey.

To the left of the love seat is a rustic side table holding a vase of branches that was truly a collaborative effort...the branches are from my friend Autumn's wedding, and they are adorned with some paper birds and owls from another friend Robyn's wedding, as well as some birds from one of my baby showers.  They have beautiful blessings written on the back that I'm sure I'll need for encouragement during some late nights! 

To the right of the loveseat, I created a wall collage with a mix of meaningful photos and illustrations, including two bird drawings that Steven did as a child.  When his mom gave them to me, I knew they'd be perfect to frame in the room!

One hook holds a soft bin from IKEA filled with supplies I might need while nursing, and the other is perfect for displaying cute outfits, like this tiny pink dress...

On the floor, "Sophie La Girafe" and her friends sit in a soft, colorful bin from The Container Store.

Both of the dressers in the room were from my brother's old baby furniture.  Here's one holding family photos and a cute owl bank from Etsy.  I spraypainted the original drawer pulls white and alternated them with yellow knobs from a salvage store.

Next comes the closet which, thanks to many generous gifts and hand-me-downs from friends, is stocked!  Some of the most precious items are my very own baby dresses that my mom has saved all these years.

On one side of the door, this IKEA cabinet is perfect for storing odds 'n ends, wonderful childrens' books, and showcasing Steven's baby shoes.  Most of the books are lovingly worn, because they are the exact ones my mother read to me - The Llama's Pajamas, Sammy the Seal, and Corderoy, to name a few.

On the other side of the door is this dresser which folds out into a changing table. The "It Is Going To Be OK" illustration is a reminder I'll probably need quite a bit in this particular location!

Now, for the last wall.  Last night, our dear friends Justin & Autumn decided to come over and give a wonderful gift - painting a mural, just like the wall decal I liked from Etsy.  Our version is a lot more wispy and soft, and I love how it turned out!   The crib will eventually go on this wall.

Inside that bassinet, which my brother used for all three of his children, is her first stuffed animal - a soft little lamb from my dad.  It's from Williamsburg, VA, which was our family vacation spot for eleven years. The lamb rests against a crocheted pillow that was mine as a baby.

And finally, just for fun, here's the room by night.  I think the parasol makes a very enchanting lamp, don't you?  It's so peaceful that Steven and I like to come in here and sit and wonder what it'll be like to hold our baby girl in a very short time...

Now, all we need is HER!