Oddfellows, nice to meet you.

There's a new restaurant in our neighborhood called Oddfellows.  With its inclusive motto, "Food For All", the restaurant is an artful collaboration of several local entrepreneurs {and friends of our farm store} who want to continue to make our neighborhood more interesting for those who live here, more welcoming for those who don't {yet}.  There is also a menu full of delicious-sounding dishes that feature local ingredients and a beverage list featuring what are rumored to be the best lattés in Dallas!

So, while my friend Amy was visiting last week, we were suffering from a severe case of cabin fever after the aforementioned snow day and were anxious to get out on the town.  Apparently so was the rest of the neighborhood - no one minded trudging down slushy walkways, gripping the sides of buildings to gain footing.  No one complained, either, about the lack of plentiful parking in the Bishop Arts District or the continuous torturous dripping of snow melting off roofs.

When we arrived at Oddfellows, we found a cozy retreat from the cold with a Cheers-like atmosphere.  It seemed that everyone was already a regular.  We were greeted eagerly, immediately ushered to a round table with ample room for two adults and a baby.  Having already eaten lunch {what were we thinking??}, we would have to save our exploration of their food menu for another today...this day was about soaking up the vibe and sampling some warm drinks.  Luci Belle was easily amused by a crumpled-up receipt and Tic-Tac container while Amy and I sipped our adult beverages - hot rooibos tea and vanilla latté perfection...


Sun streamed in the many windows, customers laughed and chatted, steaming plates cycled back and forth from the open kitchen.  We left with warm bellies, recharged spirits, and revived love for our little Oak Cliff, TX, the finest gem of a neighborhood in Dallas.